Equipment Highlights
The following is a list of equipment that were installed, setup and programmed.

Number of Microphone cables installed: 7,957 feet
Number of Catagory  5e cables installed: 2,790 feet
Number of planum speaker cables installed: 1,215 feet
Number of control cables installed: 2,367 feet
Number of video cables installed:3,567 feet
Number of audio signal cables: 2,172 feet
Microphone mixer: 11 pieces
50" Television: 3
Fiber optic Transceivers: 8
Coax Cables runs: 2,830 feet
Cameras: 8
Wired Microphones:108
Computer CPUs: 84
Computer Monitors: 84
Student Work Station:80
Instructors Work Station: 4
Control Bay: 4 Equipment Rack Bay
Controllers Panels:4
Video Projectors: 4
Video Mounts:4
Video Plates:3
Slide Projectors: 5
Document Cameras: 4
Wiresless Remotes control: 10
Wireless Microphones:4
Poduim: 1 custom made & 1 prefab
Flatbed Scanner:4
Network Printers: 4
Ceiling Mounted Speakers: 12
Stereo Amp: 5
High Powered Speakers System: 2 ( total of 1300 watts of power)