Personal highlights and funny facts
Mileage travelled:12,469 official Cal State business.

Average Commute time: About 2 1/2 hours per day.

Cups of coffee: three to five cups every other day

Cups of Tea: Two to three cups per day.

Bottles Of Aspirin: As needed I think total one bottle.

Fuel Consumption: Every other day 20-25 gallons.

Average Sleep at night: 5 to 6 hours if I'm lucky                           no interruptions
Number of Freeway & local Sandstorms: Seventeen times

Number of Freeway near collisions: Once or twice per week. Those crazy workaholic and sleepless drivers.

Number of Prayers, meditation & Reflection: On Average about 4 hrs per week to keep myself at peace.
Physical Workout: Not needed I ran around the building everyday.
Tanning Lotion: Zero, never had a chance to have fun in the sun.

Maximum Outside Temperature:  118 degrees

Lesson learned in the desert: Never leave a full soda can in a vehicle on a hot day.

Last but not least, I missed out on my racquetball workouts.
Our greatest legacy in life is to pass on our knowledge and experience to our children.
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Is there such a place where life is simple and sweet?
I think you need your toe nails cut.
Dinosaur rest area to and from PDC
Desert veiw of the mountains and palms
This big guy is hungry for some fun.
If you think a truck is big, this dinosaur is bigger.
This is my wife's one of many plumeria plants
Yummy yummy good for the tummy.
There a time and a place for everything.
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Andy Gildore Jr. October 1, 2002
Scenic View to Palm Desert Campus