I would like to thank my wife, my two sons, baby daughter, my father, my sister, my friend Elle and rest of the family for their patience & support in dealing with my hectic schedule during this project. In addition, many thanks to the contractors, vendors, companies, colleagues and friends. A special thanks to Robert Fields, Jing Moy & Gary, for being great Karate instructors to my boys. They took care of my two little boys in their martial arts class while I was busy with this Palm Desert Campus project for the university . My gratitude to Minda and Margaret for watching over my daughter & two sons on those days when I was running late to pick up. Also, Larry & Doris  for their support, wisdom, encouragement plus the many people I met along the way at Palm Desert. Thank you all so very much.

My biggest thanks and gratitude to Mr. Gilbert Trevino, my one and only student assistant since the start of the project. Thanks Gilbert for your support, hard work, & dependability. To Ken, Dick, Ramon & Felix, the PDC Security Guards- thanks for greeting me everyday with a smile & keeping the building secured.  I would like to thank the following people:  Bill Shum from Capital Planning for his staff support, Maria Looten for coordinating the valance & curtain company, James Boothe & Bill Burnstrup from Building Trades for installing the video mounts, speakers, camera stands and electric screens,

Fred Roybal, the electrician and his colleagues for lending me tools and expediting my work request, Keith Rodgers for running power lines for the video projectors in 4 rooms and speaker system power for the lecture hall, Homer Prudholm for running cables in the past and lending me his tools, Larry & Fernando for running power for the 2 electric screens in rooms-105 & 107, Glenzora Rogers for processing my work request, Tyrone Bookman for walking through the job scope, estimate and scheduling his crew, Tony Simpson for his support, David Neighbor, for connecting my only phone line to the building at the time to the outside world

Owen Owens for his support, network patch cables & keeping me in the loop, Dave Hatch for processing my data connection request "hot not warm" and resolving issues to the computer labs and admin offices, John Muir for his support, services and estimate, following through additional data lines. Rick Conway for his sense of humor about this project, Shohreh Esfandiari for her support, Robert Webb and Earl Wilson for working with the set-up the server network.

Tina Howe, for finding me Gilbert Trevino as my student assistant, coordinating building concerns & supplies, Cynthia Flores for appreciating all our workmanship, Peter Wilson, Mike Ross, Steven Waldman, Tom Richards, Steve Burdick for their support, Diane Ainsworth for following up on parts & ordering equipment, Daniel Herrmann, Reajul Mohammed for ordering parts, handling on going projects, support of the classrooms and my other duties while I was gone from the main campus. 
Pete Cleppe for those books on CDs for my long commute, Carmen Carswel for sending my office supplies and support.

Many thanks and appreciation to these people : Elke Noetzel  from Portland, Oregon (retired & former ACM Department Secretary) for the only one remembering my birthday by sending me a birthday card by mail, Mike Hickman & Tony Macaso from Heating and Air Conditioning for keeping us cool in the building from the 3 digit heat, Bernie Moyeda & Bill Burnstrup for the delivery of three TV's 50". Gary from SPControls technical staff, Mr. Jeff Greenlee from Epson Corporation for product and tech support, Time Warner, Chris Joven, Tom, Marty and sub-contractors for running coaxial cables & fiber lay out, Mike, Tom, Steve and crew for correcting the noise level on the TV cable system. Cove Electric, Inc., Trig Magelssen, Jack Derman, Jesse Trevino, Jeff Paige & his crew for correcting and reinstalling the electrical boxes in Room 105, 107,109 & 117. Michael Vujica & Sandi Robinson from Swinerton Builders for following up my issues and concern about the building.

My gratitude to the following vendors & suppliers : Acromedia Systems Incorporated, Michael Dolce for delivery of equipment rack in the control room, Verizon Phone for cable and phone connection, Audio Graphic Systems, Business Machine Security, Doug Avram for  BMS security devices. Troxell Communications, Inc., Art Schindele for product information, support, sales and equipment specifications. Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc., Roger Smith & James Savarese for support with parts, Dell Computer tech support, JVC, Panasonic, Parker Vision, Kodak, 3m, Home Depot, Lowes, Radiant Communications Corporation, Radio Shack at Palm Desert, La Quinta, Mark at MCM Electronics for specs and parts, James from Electronic Warehouse in Riverside, Nova Solution, Diversified Window Covering, Vrem Audio/visual Furniture, Lorie Ascenbrenner her support & windom, ECCI, Vince Cascio, Eddie & his crew for installing extra coax TV cables in the building. AT& T wireless for getting me connected, NEC Business, Susanne, Nam Trinh & Vinch for setting up the network voice over IP,

Carol J. Davies, from CSUSB Purchasing Department for following P.O. request. Don from Officescape, for custom made printer tables and A/V cabinet, John from Labor Ready for expediting my request on short notice to move a box projector screen weighing  nine hundred seventeen pounds from outside  the building to the lecture hall. Doug Jones from "Its Showtime" company for coordinating structual designs with me, and for working overtime to install the 20 foot electric screen in the auditorium room-117 just in time to meet the deadline for the 1st day of class.

J.C. Lian, Structural Engineer, for putting together a seismic designed drawing so the projection screen is safely installed in the auditorium. Chad Cordero for fixing the email relay problem for the Palm Desert Campus at the activation of the new network.

Starbucks coffee for keeping me awake on my long commute and for those sleepless nights on my research on system configuration, parts & specifications. Mark Ross for helping me towards the end of the project. A special thanks to Francisco Castro, the new Maintenance Mechanics at PDC for working with me to build & designs, shelves for the A/V cabinets, installing a screen, mounting equipment brackets for earthquake safe, retrofitting the equipment rack doors, custom design mounts to hanging the 4 speakers in the auditorium, and along with other projects to meet the completion dead line.

"Give credit to where credit is due. No man is an island, everyone was part of the puzzle in this project."

On a side note: I humble myself as I share with you my experience. As IT Consultant, I have been in the field of electronics since I started way back from vacuum tubes, analog, digital, virtual and today remote monitoring, control and Cloud Services. The more and more I think I know, the less I really know because there is so much more to learn. I have no regrets. The what "if " I could have, would have, should have. I did the best I can at that time for what resources I had available. The journey was challenging and the experience along the way I have learned and earned my way as I look back. l left my footprints for others to benefit.
Improvise, Adapt and Overcome
Semper Fi,
           "Mission Accomplished"
Andy Gildore Jr, Information Technology Consultant

Who was part of the puzzle?.